Introductory Tutorials

This section contains tutorials that covers different areas like creating a solution from template or scratch.

Note ! These tutorials was created using Profitbase Studio 6.0. Using newer versions may change how things are done and look.


Tutorials for creating a Sales Solution

These tutorials will guide you through how to use Profitbase Studio 6.0 to create a complete solution with data warehouse and SSAS database. All sections are based on the same example; "Sales"

-If you need help getting started and activating your license first, click here: Getting Started

 The goal for completing these steps is to gain the sufficient skills to create a basic data warehouse using Profitbase Studio. If you follow the guide from top to bottom, you should be able to successfully create a complete solution and cube:


Description of content:

After you have completed the tutorials, Profitbase Studio should look like this:


2014-06-10 14_27_36-Profitbase Studio 6 (beta).png


 Overview:2014-06-10 14_33_00-Profitbase Studio 6 (beta).png