Profitbase Studio 2023/6

The Profitbase Studio is the tool used to build, maintain and graphically view your Data Warehouse. It also provides access to, and management of, your Solution Configuration, Name Definitions and Templates.

A Profitbase Studio Solution contains all the elements required to automatically retrieve transactional information from existing business systems, transform it into meaningful performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) and generate Multidimensional or Tabular MS Analysis Service (SSAS) models that feed information to browsers, dashboards, scorecards and reporting tools.

The Profitbase Studio Server is the data engine responsible for automatically performing the following based on an update schedule which is defined by the user:

  • Retrieving transactional data from the Data Sources
  • Updating the Data Warehouse Fact Tables and Dimension Tables with the latest transactional data
  • Applying the business logic and updating the calculated measures
  • Creating, updating and processing the SSAS databases defined in the Solution
  • Executing the data updates based on the schedule defined in the Solution